Thursday, March 4, 2010

On the subject of hair

My earlier comment about the ridiculous mess that is Robert Pattinson's hair has caused some controversy. Twilight fan @Shaz532 went so far as to claim "His hair is the best part about him."

I may be new to this whole Twilight thing, but the book clearly describes Edward's hair as "reddish brown" (Twilight, 22). And yet as we can see, Rob's hair is definitely dark brown, mahagony even. NOT RED.

For shame!


  1. Ha lol.... I am sticking to the clain that his hair is the best part of him lol :)

  2. It's really sad if the best part of anyone is their hair...

  3. His hair always looks greasy and disgusting. If that's the BEST part of him... Well, I'd be a little weary of getting anywhere near the rest of him.