Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Plunge

At the end of the day I guess I just want to know what all the hype is about.

I've worked as a freelance writer for three years. I hope one day to be a successful - and financially stable - published author. I am intensely interested in men and women who have already achieved that goal. I read Stephen King, James Patterson and J.K. Rowling with one thought in mind: what are they doing right?

Stephenie Meyer's
Twilight is the latest incarnation of the surprise, runaway bestseller phenomenon (The Harry Potter Effect). The four-part Twilight Saga has sold over 85 million copies.

Let's go over the facts. What do we know?
  • Twilight is a Romeo and Juliet style tale of star-crossed lovers
  • One of the lovers is a vampire
  • The story has met with critical praise
  • It has also incurred harsh scorn
  • Twilight fans on the whole, are ravenous devotees, most of whom have Team Jacob or Team Edward tattooed on their wrists
This blog asks a single question: why? Why is this story of teen angst and vampirism the runaway success that it is? To find that answer I'm proposing a simple solution. Over the next month I will read Twilight. I will post my thoughts, my observations, my praises and my criticisms - and hopefully others will join in the discussion.

As part of this project I'm also maintaining a Twitter page. There you'll find updates about this blog and a general repository of Twilight news.

I hope you'll all join me in my month with Steph(enie Meyer). I know this trip will be better with company.

I'll say this from the beginning and without reservation: Robert Pattinson's hair is ridiculous. I'm sorry. I just have to be honest.


  1. Joshua - first of all, let me tell you good luck! If you happen to like this style of fiction, your Month with Steph will mean that you will end up reading all four books. Since you are not female (or probably gay) then you may not make it through them all.

    Twidom is definitely a love/hate relationship. Even those of us that love the stories can critique the hell out of them, yet continue to wait anxiously for new material.

    The two big things to keep in mind in your quest is that:

    1. There is a big difference between fans of the books and movies - most every fan loves the story, but some fans seem more obsessed with the actors than the story.

    2. Just like Harry Potter, and the most astounding part, is that this saga appeals to all ages (except for men - that's where Harry Potter wins - even dudes are fans.)

    3. If you have never been a young girl, you will probably never truly 'get' this particular story. It's just one of those things and why the fan base is mostly women.

    I can't wait to read about your take on all of this. I am a down-to earth, 33 yr old wife (not mom yet), definitely not actor obsessed (compared to some) and I'm amazed at how addictive this story is. I also have my own theories, but I can't wait to hear yours. Oh, AND I'm a writer as well (writing degree, no major publications yet - minor stuff only).

    Good luck and try to have fun with it. It will make your experience much better over all. And yes, the hair is insane - whenever I see him it kind of reminds me of 'Something About Mary'! :)

  2. Well I've never been a young girl, but as I'm sure you know, writing trains one in thinking in someone else'e shoes. I've also never been a robot but Wall-E had me standing up, cheering in the theater. So I'm hopeful. :)

  3. LOL - Good point! You don't HAVE to be a girl, I was just saying it might help. :) If you're any kind of romantic then that will help too.

    Oh, and if you ever been the vulnerable, optimistic, pessimistic, dreamer, naive type, trying to find meaning and purpose in every little thing yet still feeling it's all meaningless, but knowing you were meant for greater things - I think those emotions play in there too. ;)

    Seriously, I admire you for doing this and am very supportive of your quest. Can't wait to hear your take on the whole crazy thing.